Pointers For Maintenance Of A Refrigerator

The refrigerator is the most taken for granted appliance. In fact, it is a wonder how people must have survived before the invention of the refrigerator? Where would they have stored the umpteen numbers of grocery items, dairy products, sauces, freezer meals, cold drinks and everything in between?

Refrigerators have made our lives a lot easier, convenient and stress free. And yet we do not take the time to say thank you to this humble piece of electronics. Worse when the refrigerator breaks down, so does all hell around the house. The little that we can do by way of expressing gratitude is to service the refrigerator regularly and irrespective of it being a Haier, LG or Samsung fridge repairs need to be taken care of immediately, and preferably from professional agencies or company service providers who know their job well.

Our refrigerators are overloaded and need regular maintenance because –

It will prevent untimely breakdowns thus helping save money spent on unnecessary repair expenditures

It will ensure the machine runs efficiently

It will consume less power when serviced regularly thus saving on the electricity bill

It will keep you stress free on a long term basis

Maintenance tips for your refrigerator

A few tips to keep in mind for maintaining the refrigerator and extending its life in terms of performance include-

Ensure the doors are sealed

If the doors of the refrigerator are not sealed properly then the cool air will flow outside. This results in wastage of energy. A fridge takes longer time to cool down and maintains the inside temperature. Ensure that no food residues are stuck on the seal obstructing the door and clean the seal with a toothbrush. However, it is always better to call for professional appliance repairs to get the best repair servicing.

Ensure the coils are clean

The condenser wires or coils often collect dust which gets stuck and this hampers the effective functioning of the refrigerator. At least two times in a year, switch off the machine, move it away from the wall or remove the grill that reveals the coil and clean them thoroughly with a vacuum cleaner.

Ensure the refrigerator is filled (though not overloaded)

In order for the refrigerator to maintain cooling the insides and contents within, it needs to have thermal mass, which means that the fridge must have things inside and not be empty. If the refrigerator is being used by a bachelor or a family that eats more of ‘take-aways’ then fill bottles of water to keep within to provide the mass. This will ensure proper functioning.

Maintain the right temperature

The right temperature for the freezer is zero degrees and that for the refrigerator is anywhere between 37 degrees Fahrenheit to 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Useful Advice For A Better Kitchen

Your home’s kitchen is most probably one of those places you care the most about. It is not just a simple room that is there to make food, but it also where you can express your favourite designs and styles in the best possible way through various methods of decoration. But amassing everything together to create a giant mess is also not the way to go: you need to ensure that you take your time setting up the kitchen area in an orderly manner, or you risk making your efforts quite a worthless venture.

As a starting point, consider all the following suggestions and design ideas to see whether you can visualize a basic layout of your own perfect kitchen. If you do, go ahead and start planning your new kitchen, or alternatively, start renovation your current one:

Check Countertop Area

If you are a person who prepares to prepare his or her own meals every day without resorting to pre-packed food or takeaway, make sure you have plenty of countertop space to ensure you never run out of it during your cooking sessions. Otherwise, your work efficiency and speed will be severely compromised, as you’ll have to move both food and equipment here and there due to not having enough space to place everything on your countertops at once.

Form Follows Function… But Not Always

Most designers recommend you make your kitchen practical before worrying about the visuals. In a sense, they are correct, as a beautiful kitchen is worthless if it has no practical value whatsoever. Nevertheless, just as you splurge a little to get custom frameless shower screens for your bathroom, you should something in order to make your kitchen attractive. The best way to approach this is by sticking to a theme with matching colours to complement your countertops, shelves, the kitchen island and all its accessories.

Ventilation is Important

A kitchen needs to be well-ventilated at all times. To ensure this remains true, make sure to space your kitchenware accordingly, and do not place anything that may get in your way during cooking. Install large windows to ensure a lot of light comes in, and also to make sure you can get a breath of fresh air once in a while.

Opt for Customized Accessories

It is definitely easier to buy something that is pre-made (after all, it is simply a matter of choosing what you need and assembling it all together). Nevertheless, if you really want to make your kitchen space more personal, you need to go for a fully customized approach. Choose your own glass splashbacks Melton and pantry cupboards, sizing them as you see fit your kitchen’s measurements.

Intelligent Storage is Important

Having more storage space in your kitchen area doesn’t equal to adding as many cupboards and drawers as you can. You can actually make your limited storage area work to your advantage by using it in an effective manner. For example, you can hang your cutlery and knives instead of placing them inside drawers. Finally, make sure you use every hidden area and tight space to avoid having to buy more storage solutions than you actually need.